How Zeolite helps With Water Treatment & Filtration

How Zeolite helps With Water Treatment & Filtration

Zeolite is one of the most efficient water filtration mediums. It can be used for purifying water for both industrial and non-industrial use. Also, it is a natural substance, which makes it a superior choice. It can help remove contaminants from water and make it better in so many ways. 

Establishments looking for an easy, efficient and cost-effective ways to treat wastewater, zeolite is an excellent choice. It can remove a wide range of contaminants and can do it safely. 

Find out more about zeolite for water filtration and water treatment needs. 

Zeolite for Water Filtration & Treatment

Zeolites are natural minerals with microporous surfaces. They are also known as aluminosilicate minerals and are widely used as adsorbents and catalysts. They occur naturally and most of them are found in the volcanic rocks. They are formed when the volcanic rocks come in contact with freshwater or seawater. Contact with water causes changes in the volcanic rocks. And, these changes results in the formation of highly porous zeolite. 

What zeolite does is trap and absorb the contaminants from the water. It works like the activated carbon and has a large porous surface area. It can help in treating of wastewater and for general water filtration needs. 

How it Works

Zeolite helps with water filtration and treatment. While it is not like Reverse Osmosis, but it efficient enough to remove contaminants. Not just that, it helps make water better for consumption too. Industries looking for less complicated method of water treatment or filtration can use zeolite for that purpose. It has many attractive features that makes it an excellent choice for wastewater treatment and filtration purposes. 

Here are some ways how zeolite for water filtration works: 

  1. Zeolite has the ability to absorb a wide range of solvents or contaminants. By removing such contaminants, it helps soften the water. In the same way, it can absorb mineral like calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) from water and soften them. Both calcium and magnesium in excess amount can be dangerous. They can also affect the quality of water. 
  2. One of things that contaminate water is chlorine. Although, it is used for purifying water, it can sometimes cause problem. Additionally, the smell of chlorine in tap water is not very good. It can makes drinking the water difficult. Using zeolite to remove chlorine (Cl) from tap water is an excellent way to purify the water. It I a highly effective filtration medium. 
  3. Excess amount of iron in water can cause health issues, such as diabetes, hemochromatosis, stomach issues, and nausea. High amount of iron in ground water sources can cause a lot of health issues. Using zeolite for water filtration is a great way to remove excess amount of iron from water. Not just that, zeolite can also be used for removing iron from wastewater. 
  4. Heavy metals in water can cause a wide range of issues and need to be removed from wastewater and groundwater sources. Some of the risks of heavy metals include damage to kidney, liver, and intestine. Along with that, heavy metals can also cause or worsen conditions like cancer and anemia. Zeolite can be used to remove all these elements from water and purify them. It is especially helpful in removing contaminants from industrial wastewater.  
  5. Zeolite is also effective in balancing acidity of water. If your water is too acidic, it can cause damage to your body. For instance, it can make your sick and cause tissue damage. Sometimes, it can also kill people. Which is why, it is important to neutralizes acidic water. Zeolite can be used to neutralized slightly acidic water. 
  6. Zeolite for water filtration benefits also includes improving water clarity. It can help clear the water to make it look more transparent. Clean and clear water shows it is safe to drink it. Zeolite is an easy and effective way to make water look clearer. 
  7. One of the things that make zeolite makes a good choice is that it offers better liquid/solid separation. Compared to other separators like alum and polymer, zeolite is more effective, faster and reliable than them. This feature makes zeolite a great option for water filtration and wastewater treatment. 


The Bottom Line 

Zeolite is a highly efficient, safe and reliable solution for water filtration and treatment needs. It can remove a wide range of contaminants and make water fit for drinking. It is useful for both industrial and non-industrial use. With so many benefits, features and advantages, zeolite is indeed is an excellent choice for water filtration. Make sure to buy the best quality zeolite product for the purpose of filtration. 

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